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Our identity is being continuously formed - with every relationship and experience it changes but the core is constant.


The series Metamorphosis is a discourse about this core and the views of humanity - about identity and the return to the essential values of life and yourself as well as development at the same time.

The metamorphosis is about the inconceivable, the moment of transformation where you escape from the classification of all categories.It is a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances.


Our human subjectivity, our intimacy and our relation to the world have changed dramatically.

People have an urge to flexibilisation, self optimization delusion, sick consumation, narcissism, ignorance, depression. 


This project reflects the end of the the process.

The identity, desires and fears regarding sexuality, relationships, present and future will be renegotiated for ourselves and for the new generations.

 © 2023 Conny Kirste

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