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conny kirste reversal

Our world has lost 60% of all animal species in less than 50 years, nearly 20% of the Amazonas vanished, 90% of the sea birds have plastic particles in their stomach, the global average temperature has exceeded 170 times the ones of the past.

These wounds are inflicted not only on the world’s wildlife but also on ourselves. Our psyche is formed though our living planet. 


Our core adapted to a world we no longer inhabit, which contains a boundless capacity for fear and wonder, curiosity and enchantment. We are pre-tuned to the natural world; wired to respond to nature. The world lives within us, we live within the world. By carving up the world in our minds we have learnt to shut ourselves out of it.


Our inner nature is not made for linearity - it is discursive, contingent, impulsive.


Now almost every aspect of our lives is lived within grids, either concrete or abstract. Thus we box ourselves out of the natural world. We become resistant to the experiences that nature has to offer; its spontaneity and serendipity, its unscripted delights, its capacity to shake us out of the frustrations and humiliations, which are an inevitable product of the controlled and ordered world we have sought to create.

In our minds we have sanitised the world.


Many of us need something that our planned and ordered lives don’t offer.

We need to leave linearity behind us and recharge the world and our minds with wonder, reverse much of the terrible harm we have done to it.


It’s time to rediscover our buried emotions and begin to heal some of the great wounds we have inflicted on the world and on ourselves.

 © 2023 Conny Kirste

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